Chuck Weed

Cheshire County Commissioner

Vice President
Wendy Piper

Grafton County Commissioner

Suzanne Collins

Coos County Treasurer

Paul Bergeron
Hillsborough County Commissioner
Immediate Past President
Tom Tombarello

Rockingham County Commissioner


Belknap County
Keith Gray, Department of Corrections Superintendent
Deb Laflamme, Human Resources Generalist  
Shelley Richardson, Nursing Home Administrator
Debra Shackett, County Administrator

Carroll County
David Babson, County Commissioner

Amanda Bevard, County Commissioner
Howie Chandler, Nursing Home Administrator
Jason Henry, Department of Corrections Superintendent
Ken Robichaud, County Administrator

Cheshire County
Chris Coates, County Administrator

Robert Englund, County Commissioner
Kathryn Kindopp, Nursing Home Administrator
Sheryl Trombly, Finance Director

Jack Wozmak, County Commissioner 

Coos County
Louise Belanger, Nursing Home Administrator
Ben Champagne, Department of Corrections Superintendent

Karen Clough, Human Resources Director
Jennifer Fish, County Administrator
Laura Mills, Nursing Home Administrator

Grafton County
Tom Elliott, Department of Corrections Superintendent
Craig Labore, Nursing Home Administrator
Julie Libby, County Administrator

Marcia Morris, County Commissioner

Hillsborough County
Paul Bergeron, County Commissioner
David Dionne, Department of Corrections Superintendent
Carolyn Kirby, Legal Counsel
David Ross, Nursing Home Administrator
Bob Rowe, County Commissioner

Merrimack County
Ross Cunningham, Department of Corrections Superintendent
Matt Lagos, Nursing Home Administrator
Sara Lewko, Human Resources Director

Rockingham County
Steve Church, Department of Corrections Superintendent
Kevin Coyle, County Commissioner
Kevin St. James, County Commissioner
Alison Kivikoski, Human Resources Director
Steve Woods, Long Term Care Services Director

Strafford County
Chris Brackett, Department of Corrections Superintendent

Ray Bower, County Administrator
David Dubois, High Sheriff

Deanna Rollo, County Commissioner

Robert Watson, County Commissioner

Sullivan County

Derek Ferland, County Manager
David Berry, Department of Corrections Superintendent
George Hebert, County Commissioner
Ben Nelson, County Commissioner
Ted Purdy, Nursing Home Administrator

Associate Members
Dan Reidy

UNH Cooperative Extension
Sheriff Eli Rivera

Sheriffs' Association

Past Presidents
Cathy Stacey
Toni Pappas
Bronwyn Asplund-Walsh