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Wendy Piper

Grafton County Commissioner

Vice President
Cathy Stacey
Rockingham Register of Deeds
Charles Nickerson

Rockingham County Finance Director

At Large
Toni Pappas
Hillsborough County Commissioner
Ross Cunningham.jpg
At Large
Ross Cunningham
Merrimack County Administrator
Chuck Weed.jpg
Immediate Past President
Chuck Weed
Cheshire County Treasurer
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Bylaws Chair
Chris Coates
Cheshire County Administrator


Belknap County
Shelley Richardson, Nursing Home Administrator
Debra Shackett, County Administrator

Peter Spanos, County Commissioner

Steve Hodges, County Commissioner

Glen Waring, County Commissioner

Carroll County
Sean Eldridge, Department of Corrections Superintendent

Linda Matchett, Human Resources Director

Terry McCarthy, County Commissioner

Richard Leboeuf, County Nursing Home Administrator

Cheshire County
Chris Coates, County Administrator

Robert Englund, County Commissioner
Kathryn Kindopp, Nursing Home Administrator
Sheryl Trombly, Finance Director

Chuck Weed, County Treasurer

Coos County
Louise Belanger, Nursing Home Administrator - Berlin

Ben Champagne, Department of Corrections Superintendent

Suzanne Collins, County Treasurer
Laura Mills, Nursing Home Administrator - W Stewartstown

Mark Brady, County Administrator

Grafton County
Omer Ahern, Jr., County Commissioner
Craig Labore, Nursing Home Administrator
Julie Libby, County Administrator

Wendy Piper, County Commissioner

Martha McLeod, County Commissioner

Hillsborough County
Carolyn Kirby, Legal Counsel

Chad Monier, County Administrator
David Ross, Nursing Home Administrator
Bob Rowe, County Commissioner

Toni Pappas, County Commissioner

Merrimack County
Ross Cunningham, County Administrator

Travis Cushman, Department of Corrections Superintendent
TtSara Lewko, Human Resources Director

Heather Moquin, Nursing Home Administrator

Stuart Trachy, County Commissioner

Rockingham County
Brian Chirichiello, County Commissioner

Jason Henry, Department of Corrections Superintendent

Alison Kivikoski, Human Resources Director

Chuck Nickerson, Finance Director
Cathy Stacey, Register of Deeds

Strafford County

Ray Bower, County Administrator

George Maglaras, County Commissioner

Deanna Rollo, County Commissioner

Robert Watson, County Commissioner

Sullivan County

Mary Bourque, Director of Facilities and Operations

Derek Ferland, County Manager
Matt Lagos, Nursing Home Administrator
Ben Nelson, County Commissioner

Hilary Snide, Director of Human Resources

Associate Members

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