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County Cup Events and Scoring Guidelines

This year the County Cup winner will be determined by teams working through a grueling gauntlet of challenges designed to test physical and mental prowess at levels not seen since the Age of Gladiators. There are four challenges associated with the Cup:

  1. A NH trivia contest (10 points)

  2. Yard-sized connect four (10 points)

  3. Miniature golf (40 points)

  4. Cornhole (40 points)


Trivia Contest (Monday Lunch)

In this challenge, counties will test their knowledge of the Granite State. Answer sheets will be distributed during lunch on Monday and each county will have one team. The trivia contest will take place at the end of lunch. No research or use of internet resources is permitted; there will be referees on site. Teams found to violate this rule will be required to confess via TikTok. The decision of the scorers is final.  Each team scores 1 point for each correct response.


Connect Four (Monday Night)

This is a yard size version of the classic board game. Creating a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of four checkers wins the game. Each county may have up to two teams but only one team can earn cup points. Each team is composed of two players and your match cannot be against your other county team. Teams play until one team has two wins. Draws are a possible outcome. In the event that five games are played with no winner, teams will determine the winner in a sudden death best of three “rock, paper, scissors” tournament.

The winning team is awarded 10 points, and the losing team scores 5 points.


Mini Golf (Monday Night)

Welcome to Bushwood 2023! This not entirely PGA certified course is sure to test your putting skills. For this challenge each county may have two teams of two. Each playing group will have four players, with two teams from different counties on each card. At the start of the round, each team will draw a random card numbered 1 through 9. On the selected card, the team is required to play that entire hole using the grip of their putter pool cue style. That’s right, you need to get on the floor and use your best pool technique.

Points are awarded as follows:

Lowest score: 40 points

Second lowest: 30 points

Third lowest: 20 Points

In the event of a tie, there will be a putt off, with teams being required to switch their grip to use their non-dominant hand.

All participants score 10 points for completing nine holes without hitting a water hazard. Only one team from each county can score points. In other words, if the two teams from one county win first and third place, they are only given points for first place.


Cornhole (Monday Night)

Perhaps the greatest sport event since Rome was built, cornhole is a fast growing sport with countless league and tournaments. Last year, the Super Bowl of Cornhole had a TV audience that rivaled CSPAN coverage of the deliberations over government doorstop regulations.

 We’re very lucky to have the renowned experts from Games2Go on hand to administer our cornhole tournament. In this event, each county can enter two teams. Two players make up a team. Pick your team’s name carefully, it will define you for the entire week.

The tournament is a double elimination event, once your team loses two games, you are out of the running. Games are to 21 and will follow official tournament rules as outlined by Games2Go staff. It is important that your report on time to your scheduled matches so the tournament can run efficiently. 


Points are awarded as follows:

First place: 40 points

Second place: 30 points

Third place:  20 points


Only one team from each county can score points. In other words, if the two teams win first and third place, they are only given points for first place.

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